Nikon G to Canon EOS Adaptor

Due to popular demand, at MTF we have created our own Nikon to Canon EF adaptor.
Designed and built in the UK, this adaptor features aperture control for modern Nikon G type lenses.

  • Original design for intuitive operation
  • Brass/nickel plated Nikon mount
  • Impossible to damage lens during fitting and operation
  • Compatible with DX and 35mm format lenses
  • Compatible with lenses with or without aperture rings

Camera Mount Reference: 
Lens Fit Reference: 

Technical Details

Lens TypeMag. Factor
Full Frame1.5x (on super 35mm sensor)
Nikon DX1x
Spec Build Quality: 
HE30 aluminium body, Brass Nickel plated Nikon mount


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