Fuji MK lens Sony FZ mount

Since the launch of Fujinon’s MK lenses in February 2017, users have continued to request a greater range of mounts beyond the native E-Mount that can be found on the 18-55mm and 50-135mm lenses.
MTF have now addressed these requests and have designed brand new solutions to convert the lenses to Micro four thirds and FZ mount systems.

Our FZ mount is precision manufactured from aircraft grade aluminium and black anodised for durability.
Push on cap is supplied.

Fitting instructions.

Remove the 4 screws from the existing E mount. (being careful not to lose or damage the screws)
Gently lift off the E mount.
Any shims under the E mount should be left in place.
Carefully fit the new FZ mount with the location pin at the 12 o'clock position.
Fasten with the original 4 screws.
Once fitted, check the lens back focus as usual (it should already be correct but may need minor adjustment)

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Technical Details

Spec Build Quality: 
HE30, Black anodised

Product Code: MTFUJIFZ

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