Don't just take our word for it, read what some of our customers have said.

"Just received the adapter ordered 22h ago. Unbelievably fast delivery. Thank-you !!!"

Jean Guarneri

"Hi Mike, there is only one word to Describe your item: Superb!!"

Andy van Detta

"Wow Mike you guys are amazing!!!! Thanks so much for making this. Because of your company I just preordered the camera...also I just ordered your PL mount for the AF100"

Edward C David

"I received it ... I love it, it looks and works fantastic on my cam and with my lens .. I'm uploading a sample right now on Vimeo. Big THANK YOU from Romania"

Khaled Mokhtar

"Dear Mike: Many thanks for the adapter! It works perfectly. CINEcerely"

Ignacio Benedeti

"You have some amazing products. =)"

Paul Meyer

"Im very happy with my adaptor thx a lot for your great job, many people in Mexico gonna be very glad with this toy around ;)"

Rene Martinez Gonzales

"Dear Mike, you've done it again! You never end surprising customers with exciting new products."

Theodore Ivanov

"Hello Mike, I am very impressed with the response to your adapter for EX3 from people all over the world. The images posted are awesome!!"

Luben Izov

"I recently purchased a B4 to 1/3\" adaptor for my Sony Z7, allowing me to mount a Canon 8x15 IRS lens, formerly on my Betacam. I use the rig primarily to shoot sporting events (football, motor racing)and it performs as billed. The fit and finish of your adaptor is first rate, and I expect I will be purchasing other items from your company in the future. Thank you."

Richard Crabbe

"Your adaptor allowed me to create a unique look for my clients" "Love the adaptor. Great product!"

Chuck Fishbein

"It's been a great tool for me so far and allowed me to capture a number of shots that would have otherwise been impossible"

Jeff Kastner

"Got the like a champ. Thanks again and keep creating, we need guys like you!"

Daniel Schloss

"IF you are in the market for a Nikon to JVC adapter I recommend Mike Tapa's Nikon G adapter.
Mike is a helpful guy, a contributor here at DVi, and makes top-notch products.
I have been testing this adapter and it is very cool. It even works with G lenses that don't have an aperture ring."

Tim Dashwood

"Hi Mike,
I just received the adapter and fitted it to my Camera. To say I am 'ecstatic' is a terrible understatement.
Thanks very much! This is a fantastic accessory to my package and I'll be using it everyday."

Alex Fragnito

"The MTF adapter is much better. Get it without hesitation. Better design AND build.
Email Mike Tapa of MTF directly, He's a really cool guy. Very helpful."

Eric Gulbransen

"Hi Mike, I bought a hd100 to Nikon adapter from you a while back and love it."

John Gussman

"Hi Mike,
It's arrived ! It's arrived :-) really nice job ! congratulations, what amazing shot with
my Nikon 80-200 !! Can I have another one ? of course yes, you say !
No I mean, I would like to have a spare one to fit on my long quite-Telescope telephoto
without removing each time this one."

Massimo Muberti

"I'm interested in learning more about the Nikon adapter for the the Sony HVR Z7U.
I've seen nothing but praises around the internet."

Dave Simmons

"Hi Mike,
I received the adaptor next day and its awesome thanks!"

Paul Inglis

"Hi Mike,
I received the Nikon-EX3 adapter today. Love it so far! I plan to take it out in the
field tomorrow for some test shooting. In the spring, I'll be filming outdoor travel stories
for some news stations in the northwestern U.S. and this will be the
perfect tool when we need to film wildlife."

Jeff Kastner

Have just received the Nikon EX3 mount, the design is brilliant,
I like the ease of control for apertures and see this as a real winner
for users who want to use their Nikon lenses"

Vincent Oliver

"Thank you, I received them yesterday, and already did some tests with both of them. One word: AMAZING! Thanks very much for making these products!"

Ken Lowrie

"I have to say they are all REALLY well made.
The anodizing is perfect, they feel solid, not flimsy and are great value."

Philip Bloom

"I received the Nikon --> 1/3" JVC bayonet adapter today and tested it. Overall, the craftsmanship is top notch. Backfocus is perfect, and the lens sits tight inside the adapter which fits perfectly into the bayonet of the JVC. No wiggling, not too tight, just perfect. Then I put a Nikon 75-300mm 4.5-5.6 lens on it. I couldn't believe how perfect the lens works"

Stefan Immler

"I'll second the MTF adapter, cheaper than Sony & lots of people have been happy with it (including myself)."

Zach Love