Canon EF to Sony FZ Adaptor

An original design by Mike Tapa

This is a mechanical adaptor with no electronics. The aperture on Canon EF lenses must be set beforehand.
This adaptor allows you to fit any Canon EF mounted lens to Sony's new FZ-mount camera, such as the F3, F5 and F55.
(Please note: Using this adaptor will introduce a magnification factor of 1.5X with full frame lenses)

  • Compatible with any current and future Sony FZ-mount cameras, such as the F3, F5 and F55.
  • Original design for intuitive operation.
  • Flat black coated internal baffle.
  • Impossible to damage lens during fitting and operation.

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Technical Details

Lens TypeMag. Factor
Canon EF1.5x
Spec Build Quality: 
Anodised HE30 aluminium body, nickel plated brass Canon mount

Product Code: MTCANEFFZ

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