B4 2/3" to Super16 PL Adaptor

Use B4 2/3" lenses on a PL mount camera with a Super16 sensor. This means you can take advantage of Sony's new 2K Super16 crop mode on the F5 and F55, as well as the 2K mode on RED's Epic and Scarlet cameras.

  • MTF own stainless steel C Mount.

Please note: although it has a PL mount, this adaptor will not cover anything larger than a Super16 size sensor. If you have a sensor that is larger than Super16, you can use the MTF B4 2/3" to Arri PL Adaptor.

There will be approximately 0.8 stop of light loss when using this adaptor.

We recommend you use HD lenses for the highest quality possible.

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MTF own stainless steel C Mount.

Product Code: MTB4S16PL

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