B4 2/3" to Sony FZ Package

An original design by Mike Tapa and Alister Chapman.

The B4 2/3" broadcast lens to Sony FZ package is a useful way of utilizing all of your B4 mounted lenses on any camera with an FZ mount, such as the Sony F3, F5 and F55.

By detaching the FZ mount from the rear of the package, it can also be used on APS-C sized sensor cameras such as the Canon 7D, the new Canon EOS Cinema cameras and both the Blackmagic Cinema (EF) and Production cameras.

  • Compatible with any current and future Canon EF mount and Sony FZ mount cameras, such as the Canon 7D and C300, and the Sony F3, F5 and F55.
  • Solid all aluminium construction.
  • Chrome plated Canon EF mount.
  • Multi layer coated optics.
  • Complete with MTF Canon EF to FZ adaptor.
  • Complete with support bridge.
  • Complete with Canon front and rear caps.

(Can only be used on B4 2/3" lenses with built in 2X extender engaged, HD lenses recomended)

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Technical Details

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HE30 Aluminium body Nickel plated Canon EF mount

Product Code: MTB4FZP

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